Kylie Rasmussen

Artist statement: "Raised in Ione, Ca  My life has always centered around art. From Saturday crafts with Grandma to eventually attending and graduating from California College of the arts in 2013. My main focus is on drawing and painting.I work primarily with ink and watercolors though I venture to acrylics, spray paint, and charcoals. Art is a release. A visual answer to my searching questions about humanity. De-glorification of the classic "model" . An interest in portraying the neorealism we all oversee and look past. These studies allow me to explore mediums, patterns and lines in order to illustrate a feeling I'm looking to capture.I use vibrant  colors to contrast a mediocre scene. I am 24 years old living with my parents , drive a 65 ford galaxie 500 bar-tending at night and work with my family construction and carpentry business during the day. I shoot pool and enjoy photography."